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This may be the most obnoxious of the common childproof caps, mainly because it is the hardest to open in the dark. This de-childproofing method will allow you to remove the cap without lining up the arrows, but you still need the arrow on the cap for leverage.

Line up the arrows one last time and get the cap off. Find the little tab that's on the inside lip of the lid, opposite the arrow.

Grip the cap at the other side, preferably using two fingers. The instinct is to grip the lid along the edges, but this will make you more liable to injury.

Shave the tab off using a hobby knife. Cut away from yourself, and go slowly. You may wish to brace your arms against a table for stability.



  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Cost Effective  


  • Material: Plastic
  • Use: Tablets, Capsules & Powder
  • Color: White, free or according to your requirement

Application areas:

  • Pharma Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Ayurvedic


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